Does Scalp Med Really Work?

From my personal experience, and that of the other Scalp Med for Men users that I have canvassed, I have 100% faith in this hair loss product.  If you want to see some of the testimonials already published then please visit the Scalp Med reviews homepage.  If you want to actually see some medical proof and the results of a clinical study based on real life consumer trials then read on to find out does Scalp Med really work or is it really just a scam?

Aim of Study: To find out “does ScalpMed really work”?
Date of Study: November 2012 through April 2013

Does Scalp Med Really Work? (Details of the Study):

  • 24 hair loss sufferers tested: 18 men and 6 women.
  • Scalp Med results measured over a 6 month period.
  • Products used were ScalpMed Vitadil and Nutrisol.
  • Users were asked to use the products twice daily using the official instructions.
  • Users interviewed and photographed every 30 days to track progress.
  • Users asked to report back with any Scalp Med side effects or issues.
  • Scalp Med hair re-growth results logged and photographed with the findings below.

ScalpMed Results

  • 96% – Reported hair re-growth using Scalp Med products
  • 96% – Would recommend Scalp Med and gave a positive review
  • 96% – Said Scalp Med was excellent and helped to prevent hair loss
  • 96% – Said that it is better than other hair treatments (for example Rogaine and Profillica)

Survey Results in Full

The following images show the entire set of study results of ScalpMed that were taken once the 6 month trial had been concluded.  The survey results were taken from 24 people with an average age of 40 years old.

Q&A: Does Scalp Med Work?

Does Scalpmed Really Work - Scalp Med Results

Q&A: History of Hair Loss

Scalp Med Does it Work

Q&A: Scalp Med Results & Recommendations

Does Scalp Med Really Work

Conclusion: As you can see, the results are very impressive, almost conclusive I would say.  With a 96% success rate across the board it proves that the majority of people who are suffering from hair loss will definitely feel the benefit of using the Scalp Med products – Does Scalp Med really work then – well, in my view it is highly likely that this hair restoration product will work for you.

Scalp Med Before and After Photos

Here is a selection of photographs from some of the people who took part in the Scalp Med test.  You can see more Scalp Med before and after photos on this link too if you want to see some even more impressive results of how Scalp Med really does work for the majority of people.

Scalp Med Reviews and Results

Scalp Med Review - for Women

What’s the Secret?

So what is the secret to how Scalp Med works?  Well, you won’t find this information on their actual official website, but I believe it’s possible that the company uses a very unique version of Minoxidil which contains other ingredients such as Tretinoin which according to some clinical studies can help with the penetration into the hair follicles.  For example, here’s a bona fide study on how this combination of ingredients can result in greater than average hair growth.  Of course, Scalp Med would never publicize exactly how it works because this is their own trade secret so I can only purely speculate as to how they manage to get these impressive results.

Reasons to Use Scalp Med

So by now, you should be more confident in buying Scalp Med online as these results and testimonials from real life users are very conclusive.  But what about the marketing behind Scalp med and what does the actually company say about the reliability of the hair restoration products?

does scalp med work

One look at the official website offers plenty of re-assurance for hair loss sufferers who want to take immediate action and start to restore their thinning hair.  Here are a few of the promises behind the products:

  • Works for both men and women
  • Users do not experience any negative sexual side effects
  • No surgery is required
  • You will not need to wear a wig, toupee, or hair piece
  • Scalp Med is patent protected – competitor products do not have patent protection!

The Science Behind Scalp Med Hair Restoration

Men lose their hair (male pattern baldnesss) due to genetics where hair follicles become susceptible to the androgen (male hormone) dihydrotestosterone or DHT.  Without getting too deep into the scientific explanations, what this means is that the binding of DHT to the follicles leads to a slowing down of blood flow to the bulb of the hair.  This will eventually result in hair loss as the hair strand will eventually fall out and hair will become thinner – which is why many men (and women) turn to products such as Scalp Med to help them with this ailment.

How does Scalp Med work?  Well, it’s not in the public domain for obvious reasons as they have their products patented, but there are some generally accepted factors available which should give you confidence before you buy – I’ve listed some of the main questions and FAQs (frequently asked questions) below to assist you with any concerns you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long will my hair take to grow back?

Individual results will vary, just like with any other hair restoration product, but as a general rule the best results of Scalp Med are seen between the four and six month period of twice daily usage. 

2) How will I know if Scalp Med is really working?

From my personal experience, the best way is to get someone to take a photo of the area of your head affected by hair loss, and then take subsequent photos from the same angle every month in order to see progress.  Initially you will probably experience a shedding of some hair, but don’t worry as this simply shows that a new cycle of hair growth is beginning.

3) Does Scalp Med cure hair loss completely?

There is no medical cure for baldness at time of publishing this website (August 2013).  However, if you act now with Scalp Med then it has been proven to re-grow hair and will prevent further hair loss or fall out as long as you continue to use the product.

4) How long should you I use Scalp Med for men and for women for?

If you stop using Scalp Med then its effects will continue to benefit you for around 12 months, but after that your hair loss will probably revert back to its previous state.  This is why I recommend that you continue to take the product and buy Scalp Med even after you have experience positive hair restoration results.

Hopefully these explanations and studies around highlight that Scalp Med really does work.  For 96% of users there have been positive results so why not give it a try yourself – you have nothing to lose especially with the 60 day introductory offer that the company has currently on promotion – and also make sure that you check to see if we have any current Scalp Med coupons available so you can get a discount and make a saving.