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Welcome to my independent Scalp Med Review website.  Below you can read authentic testimonials and reviews from real users of Scalp Med who recently took part in a 6 month study to test the effectiveness of whether Scalp Med really works (view survey results) – I was part of the team who helped to conduct the research as an independent consultant.  As well as reviews of Scalp Med and customer testimonials you can also access some additional information on the hair loss product such as whether it is a scam and before and after photos.  The reason I recommend this hair restoration brand so highly is because I’ve seen the results at first hand.  You can read some authentic Scalp Med reviews below if you want to find out more.

Scalp Med Review & Testimonial Quotes

The following are genuine reviews of Scalp Med.

Scalp Med Review - P Ganja“As someone who started to lose their hair as a teenager, I was crushed, especially as many hair restoration products can have a negative side effect with sexual performance.  I didn’t want to take that risk and even considered surgery and a hair transplant.  My hair loss was progressive and any transplant was only ever going to be a temporary solution.  I knew that I would probably continue to experience hair loss so needed to find a better solution – thankfully my mother heard about Scalp Med and I’ve been using it now for six months with great results – just check out the photos!  For that reason, I am happy for you guys to include my positive Scalp Med review and include my photos on your website as I consider the product an absolute miracle.”  – Patrick Ganja, United States.

Scalp Med Reviews - Kevin N“My own personal experience with Scalp Med has been extremely encouraging after just four months of use.  It’s already showing results in the crown area of my head, which was what I was most concerned about.  My whole scalp has a healthier feeling to it, and the before and after photos show a thickening of my hair which I honestly didn’t think was possible.  I feel so much more confident now.  The only negative aspect is I do have some chalkiness on the crown, but this is easily washed away in the shower once the Scalp Med is applied. Happy for you to use me on your Scalp Med reviews website.” – Kevin N, United Kingdom.

Reviews of Scalp Med - Devine“You can use my testimonial on your Scalp Med reviews website as I would recommend it to anyone.  As a woman, hair loss is devastating and I used so many different approaches to try to hide my predicament for many years.  I used hair extensions, vitamins, laser therapy and all manner of different miracle cures with no results.  I was formerly Miss Black Nevada, and so appearance had always been important to me… I needed an effective hair loss solution.  Scalp Med is a great product, and for me it’s really worked.  I have new hair growth, a new lease of life, and after many years now have renewed confidence and feel back to my old self again.”  – Sherida Devine, United States.

Scalp Med Results - Steve“As an active mountain biker I like to keep in shape and stay feeling fit and young.  Whilst I ticked the boxes on most fronts, my hair loss was the one thing that was keeping me from feeling and looking younger.  I first used Scalp Med in October and after three months could honestly not believe the results from Scalp Med that I was seeing.  My hair looked great, and continued at that pace of restoration until the end of the six month trial period.  As you’ve asked me for a review of Scalp Med I have a one word answer – Awesome!” – Steve Musseau, United States

Scalp Med for Women - Sharon“Scalp Med has been a very impressive for me.  As a great grandmother I was skeptical as to whether a hair loss product could really make a difference to my thinning hair, but I actually saw some amazing results after just six months.  My hair is far denser than it was, the follicles have undoubtedly thickened, and I can now say I have a decent head of hair instead of the thinning hair I had before.  Feel free to use my before and after photos on your website and you can include my Scalp Med testimonial.”  – Sharon Prather, United States.

Scalp Med Hair Loss - Lancer“I started using Scalp Med in September.  By November, two months later, my bald spot, was almost filled in.  My crown kept getting thicker and thicker.  Less than a year later, it was like I never even had a hair loss problem.  What’s also worth noting is that I experienced no negative side effects which I think sets this system apart from other brand products.  I would recommend Scalp Med to any of my friends or family who also experience male pattern baldness and have shared the Scalp Med reviews website with them.  It a very good product and really does work for men like me.” – Lancer Miller, United States.

Scalp Med Reviews - Rod“I was using another product for two years after a recommendation from my doctor.  It wasn’t great though as the hair loss prevention leveled off and I had some rather unwanted side effects.  I quickly switched over to Scalp Med and have experienced no side effects.  In fact, after two months I am already seeing my hair come back.  It’s a wonderful hair loss product.  I spray it onto the crown of my head where most hair loss is apparent and the hair starts to return.  If you are like me and search the Internet for the latest and greatest hair loss prevention cure then stop searching now because Scalp Med works for me and could for you too which is why you are more than welcome to use my quote on your Scalp Med reviews website.” – Rod Fuller, United States.

Submit Your Own Scalp Med Reviews

I am always on the lookout for fresh, new, and authentic Scalp Med reviews and contributions.  If you would like to get in touch and have your own published on this website then please get in touch over on the contact page.  In order to stand the best chance of having your review of Scalp Med added I will need a set of before and after photos, a brief quote of what you thought about the product (which can be either a negative review, a bad review, or a positive one), as well as details of your name, city, and location.  I prefer not to take anonymous reviews as these tend not to look as real as Scalp Med reviews from real users of this hair loss product.

But Does ScalpMed Really Work?

Let’s cut to the chase, you are on this website because you want to prevent hair loss and are looking for an effective hair restoration solution.  There are plenty of products on the market including Scalp Med, and you will undoubtedly have seen many review websites extolling the virtues of each product – so how can you trust me and how can you trust the Scalp Med reviews on this website?  It’s simple; the customer testimonials on this site are 100% authentic and come from the Scalp Med users who were recently canvassed in this study to see if Scalp Med really works.  Make sure you check out the Scalp Med results and see for yourself.

Scalp Med – Results of Study

For the comprehensive list of user results please consult the page where we ask “does Scalp Med really work?” – On this page you can see the full list of results – or otherwise simply check out the top line results shown below.  Many of the people in the study have contributed to the Scalp Med reviews you see on this page.

Background to Study: Conducted over a 6 month period using 24 hair loss sufferers of which 18 were men and 6 were women.  They were asked to use Scalp Med twice a day and to report back on their findings with answers to survey questions as well as photos.

  1. Scalp Med Hair Re-Growth – Reported in 96% of Users
  2. Good Scalp Med Review and Recommendation to Friends – By 96% of Users
  3. Does Scalp Med Work to Prevent Hair Loss? – 96% of Users Said “Yes”
  4. Scalp Med vs Rogaine and Scalp Med vs Profillica – 96% of Users Preferred Scalp Med

Scalp Med Scam

Scalp Med are not trying to scam you.  They simply offer a cheap and affordable solution to hair loss problems which can work for many users and customers.  There are online facts available which confirm my own thoughts, and you simply need to navigate around this Scalp Med reviews website to find out more and make your own mind up.

Scalp Med Reviews and Results

It’s not a scam – this is my view and it’s backed up by the results and reviews from the many users – some of which you can read on this website.  If Scalp Med was a scam, it would soon get shut down by the Federal authorities, and there are no scam reports or otherwise on the highly reputable United States and Canada Better Business Bureau.   Click this link to find out more about what I personally think about reports of the Scalp Med scam.  Needless to say I don’t hold any credence to these reports – proof of which you can see on the Scalp Med reviews website.

Scalp Med for Women

Does Scalp Med work for women?  The test and survey results of Scalp Med confirm that it does, and further up this page you can see a couple of Scalp Med reviews from women who have successfully used the hair loss and prevention product with fantastic results.  Scalp Med for women contains FDA-approved formulas for hair growth including Vitadil-2A (as opposed to Scalp Med for Men which uses Vitadil-5A).

Scalp Med Review - for Women

Pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia is the condition that affects women and if you can see thinning around the crown area then Scalp Med for women should be purchased.  If you suffer from thinning hair then this could be the answer so is worth trying out to see if you can replicate the success stories detailed near the top of this Scalp Med reviews website.

Are You Suffering From Hair Loss?

Hair loss, premature balding and Alopecia can be a devastating condition.  Like many men and women, you are looking for a cost-effective solution, but more importantly a hair restoration product that actually works.  Whilst I cannot guarantee that Scalp Med really does work for everyone, the results of the survey did have rather impressive numbers where 96% of users were satisfied with the results – many of whom have supplied Scalp Med reviews on this page.

Scalp Med Complaints

If you have any complaints about Scalp Med then I recommend you contact the official company.  This Scalp Med reviews website is entirely independent.  I do not work for them and cannot handle any complaints about the product.  The website is purely dedicated to reviews and was set-up by me in order to inform and educate other potential users.

Generally speaking, I’ve not encountered many online Scalp Med complaints and the majority of testimonials and reviews online are positive by nature.  As with any product of this type, some users will experience bad side effects, although this is very rare with 96% of customers having a positive result in terms of hair re-growth with no sexual side effects or otherwise.  You can see for yourself with the reviews of Scalp Med that are published at the top of this page.

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